We are able to provide theoretical assessments of biogas production for each specific landfill, through to the elaboration of characteristic curves indicating not only total production but also reserves and quantities that can be exploited for energy purposes.

We perform experimental test directly in the landfill in order to evaluate the right  biogas production, using specific equipment and qualified personnel.


CONVECO technicians can ensure design assistance or even the final design of plants for extraction, suction, combustion and/or use of biogas produced from controlled landfill or anaerobic digestion plant.

Starting from the minimum information required, we can:

  • evaluate theoretical biogas production
  • define the dimensions and number of wells or the most suitable collection system for the specific situation
  • define pipes and manifold diameter dimensions
  • define the dimensions of the capture and combustion plant, as well as develop the specific layout
  • evaluate the feasibility and characteristics of possible energy recovery plant

Each project is accompanied by an economical assessment of the costs of the project intervention and analysis of benefits.


CONVECO can develop solutions for the production of special items for applications including:

  • heating networks;
  • crude oil pipelines;
  • pre-insulated pipelines for temperature-controlled fluids.

Our Design Department has developed innovative technologies for insulation and lining with polyurethane resins and HDPE sheaths (high density polyethylene) of:

  • valves;
  • elbow joints and fittings in general;
  • wide elbows of up to 12 m in length.

The study and construction of special equipment has made it possible to create pre-insulated steel elbows having diameters from DN 6″ to DN 24″ with a curvature radius of up to 40 m.

This innovative solution makes it possible to fit a protective outer sheath in HDPE (high density polyethylene) as a single pipe of up to 12 m in length, thereby avoiding the use of segmented  elbows which do not ensure uniform thickness of the insulating layer between the steel pipe and the sheath.

Processing ensures high daily output together with standardisation and harmonisation of products; the bending machine also makes it possible to create elbows with different curvature radii with excellent operating flexibility.

Our Technical Office is at the complete disposition of Clients in order to research innovative solutions even for the various problems they may arise during pipe-line production using pre-insulated pipes.


CONVECO’s technical operations focus on a proven in-house team of and qualified external collaborations to provide maintenance of the installation and welding of pipes and other items in HDPE.


Our operators and technicians are able to provide all necessary support to our Clients as regards training of personnel in charge of management, operation and maintenance of the plant we install.

Theoretical/practical training courses are organised for plant, both during commissioning and afterwards, as well as c/o our head offices, in order to provide all information relating to technical expertise and the operational procedures needed to ensure correct and efficient plant functions.